What is Croup?

It is an infection of the mucosa of the larynx and vocal cords caused by viruses. It can lead to a narrowing of the airways in this part.

What are the symptoms?

The main symptom is coughing, which usually awakens the child in the middle of the night. The cough attack does not stop after a few coughs; rather, it is very persistent and can lead to breathing problems. High fever can be persistent before the cough.

What are the complications?

The only complication is acute breathing distress, although this is very uncommon.

What is the therapy?

The patient should be seen by a doctor. If parents feel that their child is having breathing problems, they should call an ambulance. The therapy is the administration of glucocorticoids and Epinephrin Inhalation. Sometimes cold and fresh air can reduce the intensity of cough attacks. The decision concerning whether your child has to be admitted to the hospital depending  on the severity of the symptoms. 

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