General Language Development Information

Language development starts immediately after birth. The crying is his/her way to communicate with the parents. It is mostly about getting fed and being cared for. This part of the language development is inherited. Deaf babies communicate the same way.

Language and language development consist mainly of three components.

  • Hearing
  • Understanding
  • Verbal communication

Hearing problems are the number one cause of language delays. All children have to undergo a mandatory hearing screening after birth. Even in the first weeks of life a normal hearing is important for proper language development.

Another important cause of language delays / problems is frequent middle ear infection. The middle ear is blocked by fluid or secretion. These children cannot hear properly. Very often these children are sent for logopaedic evaluation instead to an ear-nose-throat doctor. The therapy is tube placement in both ear drums. The secretion can drain out of the middle ear and the hearing process is improved.

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