Motor Skill Development: General information

The development of motor skills after birth happens in conjunction with neurological development. The achievement of certain milestones at certain stages are a sign of normal neurological development. It is important to know that milestones such as sitting or walking will develop during a range of months. It can happen that certain milestones are achieved earlier and others can be delayed; rather, the overall picture is important. 

After birth, certain “primitive reflexes” are present. These reflexes are a sign of normal motor neurological development at birth. After a certain time, these “primitive reflexes” disappear step by step. If these reflexes are present after a certain age, it could be a sign of an abnormal neurological development.

The motor development is categorized into gross and fine motor skills. In the first year of life, the development of gross motor skills is predominant. The time scale shown here is an average. Differences in your child can be normal. Nevertheless, an evaluation by your paediatrician would be recommended. The listed motor skills are not meant to be complete.

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