Motor Skill Development: Newborn Reflexes

A list of some newborn “primitive reflexes” and how long they can last in average.

Reflex Time not present
Palmer and plantar grasp reflex Pressure on palm or foot leads to firm grasp End 9. month (hand)
End 1. year (foot)
Rooting reflex Touching of the mouth corner leads head moving to that direction End 3. month
Sucking and swallowing reflex Touching of the roof of the mouth leads to sucking. This leads to swallowing An active sucking develops later, swallowing reflex remains for life
Diving reflex Water coming into the mouth or nose (head under water) leads to closing of the airways End 6. month
Swimming reflex Holding baby prone in the water leads to swim movement Very variable
Walking/stepping reflex Holding baby supine and feet touching surface leads to stepping End 3. month
Moro reflex Falling backwards or in response to laud noise opening of the arms and moving them inwards like embracing End 4. month
Barbinsky reflex Stroking side of the feet leads to extension of the great toe End 1. year
Vestibuloocular reflex The eyes are turning with the head End 10. day

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