Travel Medicine

Journeys to other continents have become an important part of our lifestyle. It is important to recognize that climate change has increased the risk of dangerous infections. The level of health care provided in countries outside central Europe is lower.

It is of importance to inform yourself ahead of your journey about the country and the region your family is traveling to. In order to decrease the risk of a life threatening infection you need to make sure all immunizations are up to date and check if there is any additional immunization for a particular disease, which is recommended during your stay. Additional intake of prophylactic medication maybe needed, e.g. with Malaria.

If you want to make an appointment with us for more advice on your journey please let us know ahead of the appointment:

  • which country/ies and which region/s you and your family will be traveling to.
  • when your traveling time will be
  • how long you will be staying
  • if you or your family members have any underlying medical conditions
  • the ages of the persons who are traveling, especially children

Appointment can be done online or by phone.

Dr. Ahmad Zia, M.D.

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